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Top Replica Panerai

Top Replica Panerai: Panerai first produced instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy, Panerai has now become a world-renowned advanced sports watch brand. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai brand for sports, leisure and luxury watches in the field. Italian design and Swiss expertise, so that each Panerai watch has a distinctive brand style and excellent quality. Panerai registered patent RADIOMIR in 1916. Then Panerai has become a supplier of the Italian Royal Navy, to provide high-precision timing tool. According to military requirements, create a Panerai Radiomir, a kind of radium-based luminous material, as the instrument dials and luminous paints purposes. About "Radiomir" the name of literature found in the appendix in the French patent documents fill 23 March 1916 Zhong. Its high visibility and paint in excellent adhesion of the water immediately allow this to become a radium-based varnish Panerai production indispensable one material. Patent Radiomir Panerai became the first developed by the patented technology, which launched a long-standing history of innovation Panerai. RADIOMIR 1940 case. Royal Navy requirements become more demanding: the model must be able to withstand the harshest conditions underwater long-term test. Therefore, it must have a very strong fatigue resistance. Lugs get reinforced to meet these requirements with the case and casting with integrated manner to improve its water resistance. Today, some of the "Radiomir 1940" watches using pillow case, both edges more obvious, the general dimensions of the various parts were modified cylindrical (rather than tapered) winding crown. LUMINOR case. Radiomir completed the evolution of the Luminor. After World War II drew to a close, Panerai continue its technical studies at the beginning of the beginning of the war carried out to improve the Luminor development. The new Luminor watch crown for the bridge and its unique, linear lugs also been strengthened, with the case and casting with integrated manner, the case continues the pillow-shaped case Radiomir 1940 watches and flat, wide table box. Now equipped with the case of the watch named Luminor 1950. Our replica Panerai watches are of high quality and with cheap price.

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